A H Aslam Sunny

A.H Aslam Sunny


A renowned businessman and former 1st Vice President of the Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA), AH Aslam Sunny, founder of Crony Group, continues to guide the company to the path of great success and growth with his idealist leadership and extensive knowledge regarding the RMG sector.


Mr. Sunny's innovative thinking and strong passion for environmental sustainability led to the establishment of our future green factories and award winning management practices. He is continuously recognised as a Commercially Important Person (CIP) by the government of Bangladesh and is well known for his generous acts of philanthropy in rural areas of the country.



Neela Hosna Ara


Co-founder of Crony Group, Neela Hosna Ara, is a distinguished female entrepreneur in Bangladesh and a specialist in the field of business. She focuses greatly on Crony Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), gender equality and women's health & hygiene issues in all our businesses.


Mrs. Ara strongly believes in ensuring that all employees are receiving a number of benefits for working in our factories and is essential to Crony Group's future success. She was former Regional Chairperson and 2017 Convention Chairperson of the Bangladesh Lions Foundation, an esteemed non governmental organisation that focuses on providing free healthcare and education to underprivileged citizens.

Neela Hosna Ara
Laurent Giquel

Laurent Giquel


Laurent Giquel joined Crony Group in 2001 and has been vital to the company ever since

thanks to his expertise in marketing and business administration. He is also the CEO of Crony Tex Sourcing Ltd and the co-founder of one of our major subsidiaries, Crony Tex Sweater Ltd.

Mr. Giquel has been involved in the RMG sector since 1994 and has co-founded multiple RMG factories and clothing retail companies in China. His success in numerous businesses has led him to win the Youngest Foreign Investor award from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Laurent Giquel's strong passion for textiles and experience in different companies all across Europe and Asia continuously helps Crony Group to sustain our position as a leader in the textile industry.