Celebrating Women’s Day




Celebrating Women’s Day

2017-03-09 00:00:00 & Posted by : Crony Group IT
Women are working in every possible field of work shoulder to shoulder with men. Women are reaching heights in every field from social, economic to a political and legal field. On this occasion, Mr. A H Aslam Sunny, MD, CRONY Group along with the staff representative (Mr. Rana, Executive Director and Mr. Shahid, DGM Marketing & Merchandising) gave a flower boque to our honorable Chairman, Mrs. Neela Hosna ara. Also, as a women entrepreneur, Mrs. Neela was interviewed on ATN News at their business hours TV program. Mrs. Neela Said, “ I am so happy that like me all the women in CRONY Group are respected, and from my side I always ensure that.”

CRONY gives very high importance in Celebrating Women's Day, because it is an opportunity to appreciate the remarkable contribution of women to our society specially in RMG sector of Bangladesh. We celebrate to show respect, appreciation and love towards women for the economic, political, social achievements. As a symbol of gratitude towards women, all the women workers were given a flower stick to celebrate the event.

CRONY belives that to celebrate the true spirit of women, one day is not enough. Each day brings a new challenge and women are ready to face them.